What a weekend!! The 3rd Global Tiny House Conference was incredible!

Check out these states below!

We're thankful to our Sponsors who are wanting to support the tiny movement!


And of course, we couldn't have done it without our amazing Speakers!

Speaker List

Zach Giffin - Tiny House Nation and Zack Rabbit
Jay Shaffer - Tiny House Legend! Get his book HERE
Dee Williams - Pad Tiny Homes and Tiny House Pioneer
Dan Fitzpatrick - President of the Tiny House Industry Association
Elizabeth Singleton - Build us Hope and Tiny House Developers
Lindsay Wood - Leading Tiny House Advocate and Board Member of THIA
Erin Mursch - Organized for Good
Zach Francis - Co-Founder of
Nick Mosley - California Tiny House Builder and Industry Advocate with THIA
Brian Crabb - Renown Tiny House Designer at Viva Collectiv
Kol Peterson - Expert in all things Alternative Dwellings
Stephen McKee - Industry leading ADU tiny house builder
John and Fin Kernohan - Founders of United Tiny House Association
Ben Garratt - Expert in Non-Toxic and Green Tiny Homes
Jason Francis - Co-Founder of
Mark Fallin - Tiny House Legend and Building Scientist
Beau Brotherton - Tiny House Dweller and Youtube Star
Patrick Hiebert - Co-Founder of ECI Development
Michael Cobb- Co-Founder of ECI Development
Alexis Stephens & Christian Parsons - Founders of Tiny House Expedition
Jody Gabel - Statewide Lawyer in all things RV, Mobile Tiny Homes
Brian Bishop - CEO of Gold Heat a custom radiant floor solution
JP and Elyse - Professional Designers and Builders at Minimaliste
Peter Huggler - Founder of Indigo River Tiny Homes
Jennifer McCarthy - Founder of Tea Cup Tiny Homes
Genny Crane - Founder of the Non-Profit Rebuilding Green
Pamela Robertson - President of Tiny Home Alliance of Canada and Sunshine Tiny Homes
Tricia Sinon Murray - Founder of All About Ease Organizing
Melanie Copeland - Tiny House DIY Builder and Dweller
Adrian Giacca - MicroCommunity Extraordinaire, Landscape Designer & 3D illustrator
Janine Strachan - President of the Australian Tiny House Association
Michel Hanna - President of Speed House in Dubai
Vina Lustado - Renown designer of Sol House
Chaz Peling - Owner of Sol Solutions
Scott Mosley - Lead at California Tiny House
Yves Ackaouy - Owner of Tiny House Lebanon
Kesia Barone - Designer, DIYer and Dweller
Steve Hardy - Co-Founder of Big Calm
David Latimer - Renown Designer founder of New Frontier Tiny Homes
Mike Cheatham - Founder of Movable Roots
Guillaume Gabriele - CMO at Ma Petite Maison
Rodney Hoover - Principal of GWTG
Ken Lorence - CTO of GWTG
Kenton Zerbin - Teacher, consultant, producer for The Tiny House Master Plan.
Jenifer Levini -Β  Housing, real estate, land use, and business attorney.

Plus, a shout out to the sponsors of the vacation giveaways!

If you haven't yet, check out the Tiny House Buyers Guide E-book here.

If you have a ticket, to access the recordings of past sessions, please follow the below instructions.Β 

1. Log in to Run the World and make sure you're in the "attendee center", go to "past events".Β 
2. "Enter Event" / enter the Global Tiny House Conference, or Click this link if you are logged in.
3. You'll see "Your past talks" which will be all the recordings of sessions that have already taken place.
4. Enjoy!

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