It takes a village to build a village.

Honestly though, this is the space to ask all your questions! And the space to show off your knowledge of what you do know :)Β 

Let's try to have this space dedicated toward actual building questions! So if you are in the planning or actual building stage, this space is a must!

Comment below, what stage of the build are you in?
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NOAH RDI 7-Day Tiny House Design Challenge!

Julia replied
6 8

Water Heater vs. Hot Water Heater

Andrea replied
5 4

Where can I build?

Doug replied
3 9

Off grid heating solutions

Rosa replied
1 21

Switchable glass?

Jason replied
3 4

T1-11 exterior siding, yay or nay?

Jason replied
1 5

Recommend Your Tiny House Builder?

Stephanie replied
4 7

Builder Trends

Jason replied
4 1

Leaking Polypro water tanks

Loretta replied
1 3

Local Builders in California

Jason replied
3 2

DIY Design, Need Pro Designer Consult

Jason replied
2 3

Best way to find largest number of builders and see their...

Zach replied
2 3

Best exterior Material for a traveling Tiny House??

ThinHaus replied
3 1

Best Plumbing Techniques

Doug replied
2 11

How do I pick the right builder?

ThinHaus replied
4 8