Deep Dive into load calcs, type of solar options and more!

Don't miss this workshop if you're considering going tiny or thinking about adding solar to your setup!

December 19th, 2020

More info to follow - stay tuned
So awesome to be here and share all the Off-grid solar knowledge one needs to move forward and #ownyourpowerΒ 
If you missed the workshop go to this page and schedule your 20 min solar my Tiny Home Call.
Wow, such a great community meet up!

We had over 95 people join in the conversations throughout the time.

What did you like the most about it?Β 

How could it improve?
This was a great round table event. I was bummed out cuz my laptop ran out of power and I was not in my office and didn't have my power source.Β  I think it is definitely something to be repeated. I would suggest a moderator for each table to keep the conversations lively and engaging. Maybe even a subject matter expert assigned to that table.Β  Thanks for putting it on; well worth repeating!
Another similar platform that I have seen used that had zero tech issues isΒ 

Remo Conference.

Aw man...I had such a lovely answer typed and then my computer restarted.Β it goes...again.Β  ;)

It *was* a fun time!!

What I liked most:Β  It is wonderful to be able to reconnect and continue to build relationships with those who we've met at past events.Β  It's also really great to meet new people.Β  Having pre-selected topics/tables makes decision-making fairly simple.Β  The length of time (though I'm sure we all could have talked longer) was great for this type of event...especially when it leaves us anticipating the next time.Β  I liked that questions could be posed separately from the main chat.

Possible improvements:Β  The limitations of technology exist...when multiple people attempt to speak at the same time, hearing the conversation is more challenging on-line than in person.Β  Some individuals experienced connectivity issues and felt the frustration that accompanies those challenges.Β  It might be nice to have a host at each table to help keep the conversation moving - and balancing time for each participant (so no one/two take over).Β  Also, so talk starter type of questions might be helpful.Β  Wished I could make the table full screen (maybe I just missed it), but it was only partially on the screen and depending on names/info, faces were covered because the screen was small.Β  Would be nice to see both the chat and questions simultaneously.

Nice to see and try out a new platform.Β  Looking forward to the next one!