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The Tiny House Community is an immersive portal with so much to explore and ways to learn and interact with the community!

To get the most of it, start by watching the videos below and jumping into the other topics in this space.

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Wonderful space and a great resource. One suggestion ... provide a way to join the "Pro" level with a single yearly payment. A tiny monthly charge on our company credit card is a huge accounting hassle.
Hi Jay! There should be an option for that if you go to the pricing on this page, slide the button from monthly billing to yearly! You'll get a discount too :) Cheers!
Fantastic ... easy and oh, boy! ... a discount.
Can we create or suggest more groups under Location Groups? Ex: Southwest (Texas and AZ aren't in Midwest). Ideally, add state and major city groups for potential meetups, DIY builds, etc.
I’m sorry maybe I’m missing it, but I can’t find the recordings, in the event courses it’s saying pro member only?Β 
Courses are coming soon(so excited!!)Β and will be available to pro members!
Thank you for creating this beautiful community!
Our pleasure! Love what you guys are doing in Bend / Central Oregon!! I'll have to come visit when we're over on that side of town next. Keep up the good work!
Jason - could you please call me at 505.977.1982 - would like to change my plan - my website TinyHomePlansUSA.com is under development - I enjoyed your conference - John T. Keliiaa ...Β 

Absolutely! I'll give you a call now! Looking forward to checking out your website πŸ‘
Hi, y'all.Β  I'm with Gold Heat and coined the phrase, "Keeping toes warm out there on the frontiers of freedom."Β  I'm an engineer by trade and an engineer/maker as well for recreation.Β  According to the state of Oregon, I am a Professional Engineer and I suppose I am since I get paid for it.Β  On the side I teach flintknapping, metal machining, woodworking and 3D printing and this winter I will be teaching a neighbor how to do bladesmithing.Β  I am at heart a technology junkie.
Hey Jim! Glad to have you with us in the Tiny House Community! Love what you're doing at Gold Heat. Also, super cool side passions and projects! Would love to learn bladesmithing ha :)Β 
It is awesome seeing all the great content and people. I recently talked with Steve at www.LuxTiny.com it is a Tiny House Community in Show Low. He turned his dream into reality! For those wishing to talk with someone that has "done it" and successful, Steve would be highly recommended. Tell him, Carl LeBlanc referred him to you. Great guy, industrious, and highly knowledgeable regarding this really cool concept!
Love it! Cool to see him taking actions to making his dream a reality!Β 

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