Denis Daigle

Software Developer / TinylifeTAKEOVER
Taught myself how to code, started a software startup, fell in love with tiny homes, convinced my Dad to help and now I'm almost moved in. WFH by the woodstove no less. I mean come on!

Here's my home (almost), my tinyhouse on wheels by the river!

Been building this beauty for 3 years with my Dad. I had never built anything before and this whole thing has been me learning how to build a home and sharing everything I've learned in youtube videos. I have mine on wheels not to travel, but because I'm so close to water. Knowledge needs to be shared, we're all in this together! I'd love to learn about yours and what I could learn from you!

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Hey team tiny!

Hey everyone, Denis from Atlantic Canada here, moving into my tinyhouse soon. I think I might be the tinyhouse on wheels with the most windows EVER. But when you see where it's at, you'll understand. You can see my build on my youtube channel tinylifeTAKEOVER:
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