Cathalina Dominguez

SNJ Mom on a Mission & a TINY
I’m interested in standing as an advocate for legalizing tiny homes in the south New Jersey area. Currently running a family construction home renovation company and started the process to build Tiny Homes. With Lindsey’s guidance of course !

Appliances time, recommendations???

Hello tiny dwellers,Β 

We’re closing up our tiny and it’s time to purchase a washer/dryer combo,Β 
Refrigerator, dishwasher and under-sink water filter.Β 

I would greatly appreciate feedback on what’s worked for you guys.Β 
Thanks for your feedback πŸ™‚
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Cathalina Dominguez ...

Hello friends, I am a momma who started my tiny journey at the end of my divorce. I had let go of my career to be a stay at home partner. And quickly realized I had no real means of giving my son a nice place to be proud of without my ex.Β 
But God is good and the trail with meant for me to push me to push me to believe in my capabilities, in build, easing money for a cause and trusting in the unknown.Β 
And my new passion is to give little families like mine the opportunity to feel that Pride of ownership without hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.Β 
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New Jersey

Hello fellow tiny friends, I’m located in SNJ, which puts me about 20 mins outside Philadelphia, 40mins from DE and 1.5 hrs from NY .Β 

I’d love to get a Local crew going for the tiny homes movement.Β 

There’s greater strength in numbers πŸ™ŒπŸ½
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