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US Senate interest in Tiny Home movement?

TN Senator Marsha Blackburn took notice that Incredible Tiny Homes (ITH) in Newport, TN ( is making waves by creating the largest tiny home community in the USA, right in her district. So she sent one of her regional reps (for E. TN) out to see what she could do from a national level to assist in removing roadblocks to improving the tiny home building, loans, regulating and permitting for business of building and providing alternative housing for low income people.Β 

ITH did not reach out to her, it was the other way around.Β  Senator Blackburn noticed an uptick in the tiny movement during COVID-19.Β  During the visit, ITH took the opportunity to lay out a number of opportunities that could be made to improve ability to facilitate living tiny.Β  Check out the retelling of the visit watch until 35:10 into the video for info.Β 

Point here is:Β  Since at least one of the 100 Senators has expressed an interest in facilitating getting Tiny Homes legal, maybe now is a good time to contact Senator Blackburn and express your own interests in what you'd like to see for facilitating tiny home ownership nationwide (federal lending for Tinies would be nice), or improvements in determining what is "livable spaces".Β 

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Saint Louis City, MO works to open two new tiny home communities for veterans and homeless

Saint Louis City's Mayor Lyda Krewson converts a downtown RV park that was recently for sale into a tiny home transitional shelter for the homeless creating basic apx 80-100 sq ft tiny home "sheds' within a controlled environment.Β  Meanwhile, another blighted neighborhood a few blocks further north aims to start a more permanent tiny home community geared toward veterans who are chronically homeless or in need of income support where those veterans can live in a support community.Β  Those tiny homes are expected to be closer to 300 sq ft each and have a real home neighborhood feel.

I was seriously interested in purchasing the RV park and convert it to a tiny home park that was on the market for like a couple of days -- it seemed -- before the city snatched it up with CARES money designed to deal with preventing homelessness.Β  Advantage:Β  All the infrastructure to connect to sewer, power, showers, office, and pavement were already in place.Β  NICE.

I know one of the people pushing for the veteran's tiny home park, but it has been stalled and stalled and hasn't been going anywhere anytime fast.Β  Now that the homeless shelter tiny home park is expected to be fast-rolled and open by December 2020, perhaps that will help the veteran's tiny home community to finally get some traction, too.

I am familiar with both these areas.Β  The former RV park, now homeless transitional tiny home park sits just at the edge of all the downtown tourist attractions in St. Louis, and has good access to public transportation, and is at the corner of major non-interstate thoroughfares, basically on the corner of a fairly busy business intersection with 8-lane and 10-lane crossing traffic, soon to be expanded even more.Β  The future veteran's tiny home neighborhood sits in blighted north Saint Louis neighborhood, that is in transition as old houses have been torn down and the neighborhood consists of a few remaining blight houses and acres of open fields.Β  The area is still an area of very high crime.Β  IMO, a tiny home community here would go a long way to stabilizing the neighborhood.

Interestingly, BOTH these parks (just a few blocks apart) will be right next to, and near the largest new Federal Government building currently under construction in the USA, directly east of the proposed veteran tiny home park.Β  The 99-acre NGA facility (which may end up hosting more than just NGA, but 'may' also eventually house the city's local FBI and DEA as well as provide classroom military training in a multi-classification complex).Β  "Blame" Obama for putting such a facility within a blighted "opportunity zone" (by E.O) -- placing this federal facility in the heart of a very high crime area in N. St. Louis,. {IMO, such developments will do a LOT to improve the lives of those who live in the area).Β  "Blame" Trump (by E.O.) for taking this multi-billion dollar funding and diverting some DoD construction funds to "building the wall" -- both in the same pot of DoD security monies, which effectively moved the construction completion time from originally 2022 to probably 2026 or later.Β  I know, off topic, but if you all were wondering where and how the border wall was funded, it was from shuffling funds from projects such as this. Β 

And now there are going to be at least two new tiny home communities within spitting distance or closer to one of the largest federal facilities in the USA.Β  (IMO, WIN, WIN, WIN situation because 5 years from now, it ought to be a really nice, secure neighborhood, all of it is just moving WAY too slow.)
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Roobah says "Hello Tiny World Friends!"

About me:Β  I retired early in April 2018 and immediately started traveling, first by myself, then my spouse came along later in December 2018.Β  By July 2018 I bought a Shuttle Bus and converted it to a small living space.Β  By November 2018 I had configured my vehicle enough that I could live in it.Β  And in January 2019 I invested more than the whole vehicle was worth into a solar system so I could live off-grid and travel. We spent most of 2019 traveling and living off-grid (mostly on BLM and National Forest lands). Β 

Late 2019 and early 2020 we considered trying to do contract work on the road, moving from job to job as my spouse does "Computer Refresh" work, which is where you go into a large company and replace all their computer systems, printers, or other devices.Β  Since this is something a company only does every few-several years, so they don't need full-time employeesΒ  to do this, but this work is one job that is needed all over the USA and is good work for road travelers.Β  By March 2020, we traveled 200+ miles to a place to do contract work, and the employer had decided to completely shut down due to COVID-19.Β  The rest is history.Β  It seems employers aren't really interested in having strangers coming into their workplace mauling their computer keyboards.Β  So this work dried up quite a bit and since we are both older, we decided to not go working all over the place in different companies every week. Β 

What brought me to decide to settle in a Tiny?Β  While we are on the road, I DO have a no-mortgage condominium we visit a few month a year.Β  In June, riots burned down businesses across the street from my place, and 5 police officers were shot, 4 of them a block from my condo.Β  After more than a year of traveling around the country, we decided it might be best to see about moving out of the city.Β  Since we liked living tiny (our condo is pretty tiny, too), we thought we'd like to find a tiny home community and move toward something affordable that we can visit part of the year, and still be able to travel. Β 

Since I am at the point of making a Tiny Home purchase, I came here to suck up all the info I maybe didn't already know about before, hoping to incorporate new info into my new tiny home.

Thanks for reading my intro!