Michael Glass

Fulltime RVer(3+ years) turned tinyhome DIY builder in 2019. Currently, as of Oct 2020, one year into our dream tinyhome build. Will be traveling a lot with the home, so building it accordingly. Follow our journey @life.untethered on Instagram.

DIY THOW under construction in Wisconsin

We are currently 1.5 years into our rustic/industrial/modern THOW construction, with completion loosely scheduled for fall 2021.  We will be traveling with it mostly going from Wisconsin to the warmer states in the winter (ie. Arizona/Florida).  We are both lovers of antiques and will be incorporating lots of the items we find into the inside and outside of the build.  We are also reusing material (ie. the corrugated and barnwood siding you see in the pictures) into our design.  The framing and trailer where built by Trailer Made Trailers out of Colorado.  We worked with them on the design, they built it and we assembled all the framing ourselves.  Was kinda like putting a very large erector set together.  We went with new metal roofing along with new windows, as this is an area we didn't want to skip on quality of construction seeing as we'd be traveling a lot with it.  It's been a labor of love and frustrating at times, but all and all has been a great experience so far.  You can follow along via our Instagram account @life.untethered, where we have periodic updates as to where we're at in the process.

Enjoy! - Mike, Deb, Mia and Frank

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Hi from Wisconsin!

Looking forward to sharing ideas and/or learning more from this community in the months/years to come.  Currently building our THOW, scheduled for completion next year.
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