Nicholas Torres

Artist, Tiny House Lover
Hello Everyone, I am an artist and I love Tiny Houses. I have watched Tiny House Nation way too many times on Netlfix. I am hoping to learn more about the tiny home design process.

Harbor Point Estates Chicago Visit

Hi! Iā€™m visiting tiny houses in Harbor Point Estates in Chicago, anyone over there??
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Tiny House Zoom Chat

Hello Everyone!

If you don't know, my name is Nicholas. I am seeing if there is interest from anyone to participate in a zoom call hosted by me regarding Tiny Houses. I would love to talk with anyone and everyone about Tiny Houses, building processes, moving them, how to detect faulty builders from the pros, and other topics. I am mainly using this as a way to gather information for myself aside from what was discussed during the conference last weekend!Ā 

I am proposing a few dates and times:

3/14/21- 1pm-3pm CST
3/18/21- 6pm-8pm CST
3/19/21- 6pm-8pm CST
3/20/21- 12p,-4pm CST

Please let me know which time works best for anyone interested.Ā 
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Introductions! Hello There!!!

Nice to meet everyone! I am a big tiny house nerd over here! I love the idea of living with less and focusing on the simplicity of life. I would love to make lifelong friendships and connections with people on here who are willing to give advice and feedback and to help me realize my dream of going tiny in 5 years, I hope to do it sooner but we shall see!Ā 
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