Angela Barnard

Tiny Home Dweller, Intentional Living Coach, Host of The Intentional Mind Podcast
Hi everyone! I live in a tiny house, teach courses on how to be more intentional w/your time, coach new tiny home owners w/The Tiny House Society & host the Intentional Mind Podcast. I also hike & travel a lot. Would love to connect with you!

Hello from Tiny Home Dweller in SC!

Hi everyone! So excited this community exists! I have been living in a tiny home community just over a year and LOVE IT! 

I travel A LOT and love the financial freedom tiny home living has offered me so I can travel more and hike more beautiful places. I also like that it makes me be more intentional with what I own, etc. ANYONE RELATE? 

I teach courses on how to be more intentional with your time and coach new tiny home owners with The Tiny House Society. 

AND I geek out about intentionally designing your life as the host of the Intentional Mind Podcast. 

Anywho, I would love to connect! 

Ps. Here's the hubs and I when we got our keys to our tiny home. #myfavoriteday
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