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Local City wanting to Explore Tiny Housing Options!

Hello everyone!

I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada and I received an interesting link to a local media source that wrote an article on my city reviewing their policies and options to living tiny.  Their focus is on the amount of rental units and the prices to rent (the rent amount in the article are much lower then in reality). Leading our citizens with unaffordable rent and lack of options. In the article they state that anything under 1000 sq/ft is considered a small house.

I am very interest in the tiny house movement and I am planning on building my own tiny house on wheels in the spring of 2021. This being said I am wondering what the best steps are to help my city review, build upon and legalize tiny housing/living.

Please see attached link to the article;

Thank you for your time and adivce,

Kevin J.
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WeeCasa - 3 Questions

Where are you at in your Tiny House journey? 

I've been looking at the tiny house moment since 2014 and I've always loved the concept. Everything from THoW's, to shipping containers, schoolies, and all the other creative options when it comes to living tiny. I've decided to build my first tiny home in the Spring of 2021. It will most likely be a DIY as I plan to create with my father and would love to have that experience while creating my own tiny house.

What was your favorite part about the TinyHouse conference? 

This was my first online conference for tiny houses and I loved it. Having all types of speakers on different topic was great. My favorite part(s) of the TinyHouse conference were the ones relating to Canadian living and building when it comes to cold climate. 

What excites you about the WeeCasa five night stay? 

I've personally never lived or rented a tiny space yet, WeeCasa would be a perfect opportunity to feel out what tiny living is over 5 days. I would like to see all the different designs and creative items when it comes to packing storage, living space, and sleeping areas.


Hello everyone!

I joined this community through the Online Global Tiny House Conference (Nov, 2020). A little about myself, I am 27 years old and I live in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. I own a local Father/Son construction company and has been working residential and commercial renovations for 12 years. I've explored being an entrepreneur while owning a coffee shop/cafe for College students and staff (2015-2017). I have an advanced diploma in Fitness and Business management and expanded by education in the medical field with Pre Health studies. I now focus on real estate investment properties (buy and hold, BRRRR, flips).

I've had my eye on living tiny since 2014 and I plan on designing and DIY a tiny house in 2021! 
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