allSTEEL Original & Custom Tiny Houses on Wheels
ThinHaus ... //'ΞΈin/β€’/'haΚŠβ€’ss/ ... classic 21st century residential domain characterized by recognizable stick-built construction, efficient living spaces and moveable foundation; nominally 10' wide by 24' long with full bath and kitchen

Are We Hurting our Cause?

Consider this ... by having so much discussion about tiny houses that are solutions for homelessness and veteran's housing, are we really doing the industry a disservice? Mainstream home owners think of THoWs, container homes and all manner of smaller footprint living as something that is a result of some sort of life failure. This won't help the adoption at all. The banks won't lend even though they don't know what to do with all their money. The cities won't allow placement even though they have more people than space. Folks would rather live in apartment blocks rather than the open air of a tiny neighborhood. Maybe, we're doing this to ourselves?

How To Build a ThinHaus

Let's use this space to talk about the things we do out here in the desert to build a ThinHaus ... things we think are important and things that are not ... things that are expensive and things that aren't ... mistakes that are really bad and those that are not. Ask us questions, if you like and we'll tell you how we do what we do.
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