Luis Cisneros

Avid Tiny House Fan

MI THOW Builder Recommendations?

Hi, great people of this community!

My wife and I moved from WA back to MI. We consulted a builder in OR but ended up not continuing because of the decision to move back to MI to be with family.

Does anybody here know of a builder in MI they can recommend? We currently live 45 mins outside of Detroit. We consulted Aspire Tiny Homes in Portage, MI but we want to see whether we can other have options.

Any recommendations or suggestions would be appreciated!

Thank you!
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Future Tiny House Owner

Hi guys!

It's great to have this forum for like-minded people. I'm Luis Cisneros and my wife and I are currently living in Richland, WA. I have been following tiny house stories from blogs to videos online for about two years now. I got my wife interested in it for financial, environmental, and just plain simple living. I'm excited to share more about what our journey would be and also read about people's individual stories.
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