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This question is for all the PRO builders out there. 

We have a couple investors looking into our project here on Colorado's Front Range regarding the last couple years of trends in the quantity of Inquiries and Sales. 

As professional investors, they want to know that tiny homes aren't a fad and there's growth potential. A lot of what we do in the industry is really educating the majority of people about who we are and why tiny homes are a viable option. Fads are parachute pants and frosted tips!

Soo... any pro builders out there willing to share their percentage increases over the last couple of years? Like you've received a 30% increase in the number of inquiries and sales has increased 59% since 2018.

Thank you!
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Colorado Springs, CO

Hey all! We are exploring options in the Colorado Springs, CO area for a tiny home community development. We have a couple VERY good candidates and would like to nail down some early "founding residents".

If you'd be interested in bringing your tiny home to live in Colorado Springs, let us know here:
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Glad to be here!

Hello tiny home folk! My name is Joe Callantine. I've built my own tiny home and am the founder of Life Size: Tiny Communities. LSTC is working on setting the stage for developing tiny home communities that can easily be duplicated through out the nation.

Aside from that, I am an electrician by trade, with about a decade of construction experience. I've also dabbled in various other things from auto mechanics, PC repair, soap making and organic gardening.

Totally stoked to be here and ready to learn from everyone as well as part with some of my wisdom.

With humble gratitude,

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Community development

I'll kick off the conversation!

Where would you like to have a tiny home community developed?
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