Marcus from the Netherlands

Why are tiny houses waterpipes so vulnerable to too much transport? Why is that not the case in a camper-van?

I think: Can the technology used in a camper-van not also be applied in a tiny house?
Who can clarify this for me?

Green roof -heat insulation- to prevent a warm loft? Or how do you cool it, without electric solutions?

Hello all, I am orientating myself on tiny houses. And I read about lofts that can get warm.
Would it also be interesting to make a green roof -which insulates well against heat-, with or without roof windows?
You will probably have to grow mosses and plants on chicken wire?

Or how do you keep the loft cool? If possible without electric solutions.
And then place the solar panels in the garden.

With pitched roof (3 m / 13 ft width); Height of the lower wall?

Hello everyone, Due to rain drainage, a pitched roof is preferred.

The higher wall may not exceed 4 m / 13 ft. But what does that mean for the height of the lower wall parallel to it (in my sketch '? m ? ft')

And what is the height between the trailer bottom and the ground?
This is because I want to design a tiny house.

Double roomy trailer tiny house DESIGN: Feedback ?

I have a design for a trailer tiny house, with twice as much space. Still with the idea: We can pack everything quickly, and easily set it up somewhere else.

In my opinion this can be done by folding (by hinges) up or down the walls and the roof.

Below are my 2 rough sketches.

The proportions aren’t (over the entire drawing) correct in the details. For example, the hinges are way too big. Anyway, as long as you understand the 'idea'.

My question: Are there ways to seal the cracks well against cold and wind, all 4 seasons?Β 

Sketch 1:Β  fUTzeLO.jpg

Sketch 2:Β  JAvGDJA.jpg

I look forward to your answers!

Best regards from The NetherlandsΒ