Marcus from the Netherlands

Hi Zach. My question is based on the following text below.Β 
But possibly the writer is talking about a tiny house with a wooden frame, which allows more leeway, wiggling.

β€œΒ  … Moving a tiny house. Mobility is one of the best things about owning a tiny house. But it's quite something to move your entire house. The entire structure of the tiny house is put to the test. Unless your tiny house is really made for regular transport, you should limit this as much as possible. The moving process is stressful for your tiny house. Pipes and even insulation materials can come loose during a move.Β  ….Β  β€œ

The above is the translation of Dutch text that is here:

Hoelang gaat een tiny house mee?Β  (How long does a tiny house last?)
Thanks for your answer. Yes, that is a good thing to include in the construction plan.

For the time being I have also come to the conclusion that - for at least the summer - the space under an (elevator) loft should be used as a bedroom. And when I get up, lower the loft with sitting area above; Because I don't use the sleeping area, and to enlarge the living area. Or at least the feeling of having more living room. I think that's an interesting option.
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β€œ Β  ... assume about 18” ...Β  Β  Β β€œ

Do you mean the height trailer bottom to ground, I assume?

But I read 18" as 18 inch. But that is very small...
Otherwise it will be a very small size...

I'll check it anyway. I am not very familiar with the US / UK system. But I also understand that you don't mean height of a wall by it. ;-)
Thanks Zach and Betsy, Yesterday I received the feedback that the above idea will be quite a task to make it windproof.

I have an idea that will be much easier to set up. But whether it is also windproof... I don’t know. But I will outline it shortly.

I am above all a creative thinking person. Not a technician.