Jodi Brown

Pro Organizer/Life Enthusiast
Greetings! I love THOW, gardening, cooking, travel, sunshine, beaches and being outdoors. I'm looking for a long-term community for living.

Getting closer in another community - Pensacola, Florida

I share my time between Pensacola and New Orleans and I won't lie...I'm super excited about this positive news today.Β  Come on New Orleans!!!!
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My first downsize looked like this.

In 2007 I sold my house and downsized to a 5' x 5' storage unit.Β  I had a 1,000 sq ft of living space in my 1700 square foot duplex.Β  I taped off a square in the corner of my kitchen and added things I couldn't live without until I was packed and done. In the end, when I moved it into storage, the space wasn't full.Β  I then packed up a backpack, sold my car and hit the road.Β  Nothing says tiny like a backpack.

Giving yourself time to make decisions about what to keep and what to let go of can make the process easier.Β  I don't miss any of my "stuff."Β  NONE of it.

What was/is your process?

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Garage Door Junky.

The very first time I saw a garage door used as a wall was at a cafe in Oaxaca, Mexico.Β  I've been smitten since.Β  I know they are crappy for insulation purposes but I love the idea of brining the outside in when the weather is good.Β 
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Hey all!
I've been watching the THOW movement for 6-7 years.Β  My life is finally at a point where I feel like I can take the plunge.
I have a lot of life skills (chef, construction, finance, organization, production, international work/travel, gardening) that I would love to parlay into some sort of job in a tiny house community somewhere in the warmer climates of the U.S.Β  I'd like to get some more hands on experience before I take the plunge.Β Β 
I am currently networking and promoting the cause in New Orleans and Pensacola Beach, FL, the two cities where I spend the bulk of my time.Β  I would consider a work/housing swap.Β  Open to the suggestion of just about anything.Β Β 
Meanwhile I'll keep learning and sharing. Throw me some ideas.Β  I'm adventurous.
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