Lisa Yoder

ELearning Designer and connector
I connect people to ideas, resources, and one other so that we can all live in community with a deep sense of belonging.

Run the World Promo

Zach Francis and Jason Francis , I just discovered that you all appear in the Run the World front page marketing video no less than three times. 

Very cool! You both show great energy. 
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Who is running an online business?

Hi, I know that being able to work remotely can often make tiny living so much easier and fuller because you go live anywhere (well, anywhere the laws don't prevent you).

I'm curious how many in the community are running online businesses? 

I'm getting ready to launch an online eLearning business soon myself. 
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Tiny Home Community MeetUp

Thank you to everyone who participated in the community meetup today. 

It was nice re-connecting with people from the conference, meeting new people, and gaining more knowledge about going tiny along the way. 

I look forward to the next virtual gathering. 
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The Hobbit House: Murfreesboro, TN

I have stayed here once while "commuting" between Indiana and Florida for work.

It's clear the original creator was completed engaged in every detail of authenticity. Since becoming an Airbnb it's lost a little of that (plastic garbage cans and water jug are incongruous with the space for example), but it was still a great space experience.

It's very earthy, telling me that a cob or mud home wouldn't be for me, but it was so ingenious with all the little touches that I thoroughly enjoyed my night there.
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The Greenhouse: Macon, GA

Hi, I have stayed at the Greenhouse many times while "commuting" for work between Indiana and Florida.

The hosts are lovely. The property is lovely - so many plants and open space.

It does not have a kitchen, but it's a great space to try out tiny.

They have another new space the Door and Ladder that is lovely as well and does have a kitchen and oh so many books. They built it from material they had on hand over many years so just so personal.

The last time I was there, I picked fresh limes off the tree in the greenhouse that is literally part of the space.
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The "November Room" in the Book & Table Inn

Valdosta, Georgia

I have stayed here while "commuting" for work between Indiana and Florida.

Lovely host family! The building has three tiny-house rooms - great way to check out tiny spaces.
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Greetings! I'm Lisa

Hello, I'm all about community and connection. 

I'm an elearning designer and writer who is working on eventually creating a personal tiny house community in Indiana for family and friends. 

My Why (what motivates me to do what I do) is: To connect people to ideas, resources, and each other so that we can all live in community with a deep sense of belonging.
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