The Not So Tiny House Project
Hi there! My name is Abbey and I have a self-built tiny house on wheels that I designed myself.

Tiny House Insurance in Madison, WI

Hi all!Β 
I just wanted to provide a tip if anyone is in the central/southern Wisconsin area looking for Tiny House insurance. I had to contact quite a few companies in the area before I found Beth from State Farm that would take my homemade tiny on for insurance. She made the process super easy and explained all of my options for me very clearly, let me set my deductibles, payment schedule, etc. I figured this might be helpful for others in the area! Her number is 1-608-274-7120.
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Tiny Parking in Madison, WI!

Hi Friends!
I have some exciting news! After a long search looking for legal parking in Madison, WI, and contacting several locations, I have finally found a manufactured home community that allows tiny homes. I visited their site yesterday and they have about 7 spots available for tiny homes of all sizes. If you'd like to contact them to learn more, their number is 608-249-4002 and I have been working directly with Lynn. I'll continue to be on the lookout for more options in this great city, but wanted to share this as a great starting point!Β 
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Hello from a DIY tiny house on wheels in WI

Hi all!
My name is Abbey and I started building my tiny house on wheels in 2017. It is on a 3-axel trailer and measures roughly 32 feet long and 8.5' wide. I love connecting with other tiny house enthusiasts! If you feel like connecting, you can find me on Instagram:Β 

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