Working towards tiny living

New tiny home villages

There seems to be a lot more tiny probably just popping up, I’m trying to figure out which ones are legit. It seems like they all want a large deposit and then a monthly amount there after.
I don’t mind that arrangement but I’m unsure of where to put my money behind.
Any suggestions?? Have any have you gotten in to any of these lately?
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Hello All you beautiful tiny home lovers!

Hello! I have been watching the shows and thinking small for a very long time! And of course I put it in the back of my head thinking that I had work to do now. And then I was hurt at work! And now recognizing that I will be permanently disabled in someways, I wish I would have started my projects 1015 years ago! But like they say better late than never!Β 
I attended the Conference last month and it rocked! Which brings me to where do I sign up and find out about tiny houses in Colorado weekend and why are you NOT an app!?
I am so excited for this journey and I am so excited to have all of you come along with me!!
Julia A fellow beautiful tiny home Lover!!
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