Nino & Victoria Gabaldon
Hey!! We are a Sober and Creative couple building a Tiny House Community and Makers Space in NW Montana! Seeking like minded people. Check out our site.

Seeking Sober CREATIVES

New Now Village
A Sober Tiny House CommunityΒ 

A "Tiny" melting pot community of sober Creatives.Β 
We are a husband and wife team located in NW Montana currently looking for people interested in starting a Sober Tiny House Community out here in The Gorgeous Flathead Valley!Β 
Here's a link :
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Wind Turbines ??

Best Wind Turbines for Tiny's ??? From experience Please :) not just articles... my head's about to explode. :DΒ 

In conjunction with solar???Β 

Thank you!!!Β 


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Sober and Creative Tiny Housers MT

Seeking individuals interested in creating a THOW Community in NW Montana. We are looking to create a makers space along with live/work shops focused on not only on Alternative Shelters, but many lost trades.Β 
(Blacksmithing, Glass Blowing,Silversmithing, Ceramics, ...) We are currently putting together a team of builders, and seeking land.Β 
We will have an extreme Salvage Yard (keeping EVERY material that we possibly can, OUT of the Landfills) and aim to become an "Upcycling" Shop with classes in many disciplines and Host a weekly Flea Market and Brick and Mortar Store. Our desire is to have a Community Maker's Space to serve individuals who do not have the space to "make" nor the tools to do so. New Now Village will be a SPACE TO Learn, Collaborate, Heal and Grow!Β 
Please hit us up if you feel that this fits you!Β 

Please let us know what ya think. Ideas.. Suggestions.. Red Flags..
We're tightening up our site to reflect things as the clarity comes!Β 
Nino and Victoria GabaldonΒ 
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Wee Casa Give Away!

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