Alex Comunello

Young Architect
Olรก! I m a Greek-Italian architect based in Brazil. My passion for tiny house started while doing my masters theses in architecture. During my university carrier I understood how much a space values a how today optimizing living space is a necessity

Young Architect in Brazil

Olร  from Curitiba, Brazil!ย 
I' m Alex, a greek-italian, recently graduated architect and based in Curitiba, where my heart led me. Curitiba is located in south Brazil (very different from how Brazil is seen...); though it's a great city to live in, well organized in terms of infrastructure, safety, health and green areas. Check for its history and urban planning!ย  I've been interested in flexible and micro spaces since a couple of years. I think that in the era we live in it's unsustainable to think of big spaces for housing as the cities are saturated and the routine lead us to spend more and more time out of our homes (well not in pandemic times). So tiny house, micro apartments and so on is the future in my opinion.ย 
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