Lindsay Wood

"The Tiny Home Lady"
As a result of working with Experience Tiny Homes, people get the tiny Home of their dreams without worrying about making expensive mistakes so that they are confident in the choices they make are leading them to their best life.
After our builder went bust in the middle of our Tiny Home we took 8 months to complete it and spent $40k over our budget.

Once we got over that craziness I began thinking...

β€œThere has got to be a better way for people dreaming of going Tiny to understand all the steps in the process of their journey.

Voila! Tiny Home Challenge was born to simply show people the steps that go into their Tiny Home journey.

Now when you go on a journey like this, it is great to have a map, only this map comes in the shape of a wheel because unlike steps that come one after another, our Tiny Home journeys will likely rotate, twist and turn.

This map we call the five part framework and it includes

For each part there are two sub-parts, for example, β€œBuild” we focus on how much budget do you have for your Tiny Home and who is going to build your home... and so on for each part in the framework.

The best way to deliver this framework is in bite sized pieces, thus the 5 day Tiny Home Challenge was born.

>This Challenge is ideal for those who are ready to take action to make their dream Tiny Home a reality.
>This Challenge will provide information for all the steps in the process that you will be taking on your Tiny Home journey. Some steps you are already aware of and some are yet to be exciting!

Join us for the Tiny Home Challenge where everyday you’ll have a live opportunity to get your Tiny Home questions answered...

January 25th to January 29th.
11:00-11:30am PST

Click the link to learn more.

Sounds like a great opportunity - I'm signing up! My next TH build is on my close horizon and even tho I've had my first MTH (miveable tiny house) & been living tiny for 2 years now...there is ALWAYs something new to learn!
Lindsay Wood Hi Lindsay! My tiny home (being built right now, Dec 2020) is going to be fully off-grid ready!Β 
I'll have a solar system but also a propane heating system to back up solar. And I have water tanks and a compost toilet.Β 
As time goes by, I'll share more about what using these off-grid solutions is like in real time. My story:
Hi all, This is Lindsay Wood and I am a Tiny Home Consultant offering Tiny Home design, builder analysis and Investing in Tiny Homes.Β 

I also provide off-grid solar consulting. If you are looking to go off-grid with your Tiny Home you can get started here by scheduling a free 20 min call with me and we'll talk about your specific energy needs.Β 
The Tiny Home industry expects to grow $5.4 billion dollars over the next four years. Interested in being a part of that growth?

Yes, us too !Β 

Visit our page to learn more.
Awesome opportunity!! πŸ₯°
Matrix Modular, Inc. will be building a regional modular facility in Denver for modular buildings including tiny houses and custom trailers specifically designed for this application - investment is welcomed but also taking orders for trailers - John T. Keliiaa, CEO - 505.977.1982 ...
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Step 1...Β  Create an account at
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Β  Β  Β - Where are you at in your Tiny House journey?
Β  Β  Β - What was your favorite part about the TinyHouse conference?
Β  Β  Β - What excites you about the WeeCasa five night stay?
1. We (my grown daughters and I) have been through a lot and are currently waiting (from Texas) in Washington to move on to Alaska to open and care for a homeless youth place that will be for female survivors of abuse to have a healthy place to breathe and heal and we pray to help provide and find jobs that help restore dignity and help the community.
2. Thank you so much for doing this Tiny House conference. It's been a blessing to get to listen to people and connect with others in the world who are also Tiny House people.
3. We (my daughters and I) got out of an emotionally destructive home life about 3 years ago after 17 years and we almost never get to have a vacation and this sounds amazing for us to just have fun together. Whoever gets to go we pray they have a really great time!
Smart Tiny Homes LLC Owner Erick Rodrigo Alvarez replied
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- I am a newbie, just starting to explore what options excite me most and learning lots about the possiblities.
- I loved Alexis and Christian - learning about how they took their tiny house on the rd for 4.5 years.
- I am super excited to start to stay in tiny homes to feel it out and get a sense of what I love or what is not so important to me before I launch into a tiny home for myself.....
- Where are you at in your Tiny House journey?
I'm in the dreaming stage. Sons moved out and now I'm a single woman envisioning a simpler lifestyle somewhere NOT in SoCal. Just starting to look at land.Β 
Β  Β  Β - What was your favorite part about the TinyHouse conference?
Learning about the diverse approaches and the exchanges I had during cocktail hours! Β 
Β  Β  Β - What excites you about the WeeCasa five night stay?
First of all, getting away from home- I haven't traveled anywhere (or had time off) in over 5 years. But really, I wish to see how a tiny home community transforms social interaction and integrates nature.Β 
What is the #1 thing that on your mind about Tiny Homes?
I love that tiny homes open up the ability to obtain freedom lifestyle!
I love that my house can travel with me as my career moves me from place to place. My forever home doesn't have to be tied to a city.
I'm specifying the differences between RVs/mobile homes/(caravans here in Australia) and THOW to justify the need for specific regulations to relate to THOW as more long term dwellings. Looking at copying and pasting the best city responses from the USA as you guys are streets ahead of us in the popularity of the movement. Any insight on which city or stateΒ  is doing the best job is most welcome!