Really lovely!Β  Thanks for sharing!Β  Great idea!Β 
- Where are you at in your Tiny House journey?

Planning and Developing - am hoping to start building next yearΒ 

Β  Β  Β - What was your favorite part about the TinyHouse conference?

Everything!Β  Very helpful and informational, as well as fun.Β  Thanks to all involved, it really has been awesome! Β 

Β  Β  Β - What excites you about the WeeCasa five night stay?

Looking forward to having my first stay in a tiny home, both to see how I feel about living tiny, and I am most especially excited about being a part of the movement and checking out how the tiny home communities are.Β  I already feel like it will be perfect for me, but can't wait to have an opportunity to check it out first hand + although I have traveled quite a bit, I have never been to CO. Β