Chris and Sandra

Two Actors Trying to Tiny Home
We're two actors from LA looking to build our own tiny home!

DIY Design, Need Pro Designer Consult

Hi, I'm Sandra! My husband and I are actors and I'm an amateur interior designer and furniture refurbisher. I've been working for 13 months on a design for our THOW on I've finally got it where I want it but it has a few unconventional aspects. We really can't afford a straight up purchase from a builder, so my husband and I are going to DIY as much of it as possible and contract where needed. Once we have the shell in place, I'm not at all worried about the cabinet installation, painting, faux finishes, etc., which I know I can do myself (my parents bought a fixer-upper when I was 11 and I helped my dad fix-her-up every step of the way!). 

Even though I've devoured everything I possibly can on THOWs for the last year+, I feel like I still need to have a professional look at my plans and tell me what is and isn't possible or what isn't quite right. Even if it's just, "Yeah, move that wall two inches out because...." or "Your measurements aren't exactly right here..." or "No, you can't have a wall of windows like that because of structural integrity, but here's what you can do...." I know most professional designers either create designs from the wheels up with their clients' list of requests, and they work with/are builders. I just need someone to sit down with me (virtually, obviously), look at my plans, help me correct for my over-zealousness, and give me the real picture of my dream floor plan. Almost like a floor plan mentor. Of course, we'll work it into our budget, but does anyone know of an experienced designer that offers a service like that? 
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Dreaming of Tiny Living in LA

We're two actors living in Fullerton, CA (just south of Los Angeles). We want to free ourselves from debt and make it easier to be between gigs and focus on our careers and family. I just finished our design on and I'm making a 1:12 model out of foam board to really give Chris a sense of the space. 
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