Magali Ferron

Remote worker / Virtual assistant business in progress :-)
Native French, lived 15 years in London, UK before moving to Calgary, Canada a year ago with my family. Remote worker for a UK org. Love to build a TH and live in TH community in Canada or elsewhere in this planet. Kenton Zerbin TH workshop alumni

Hi from Calgary, Canada

Tiny house dreamer for years, want to live simply, less stuff, more experiences. Moved to Canada in Sept 2019 from UK with my family and I am excited to discover all the TH builders and opportunities here. 
I attended an intensive workshop on how to build a TH and I loved every single minute of it, I have so much to learn and it is so exciting as I am not a DIY person apart from upcycling furniture :-) 
Love to be part of a global community to learn, connect with like minded people, advocate to make change happen! 
Would love to live in a TH within a TH community and / or at least participate in a TH community project if I cannot build or buy a TH yet. 
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