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Hey You! If you're new here, make sure to read this first!

Hey there!! So glad you are here.

The Tiny House Community is an immersive portal with so much to explore and ways to learn and interact with the community!

To get the most of it, start by watching the videos below and jumping into the other topics in this space.

New Member Checklist:
  1. Watch the Videos Below 👇
  2. Create your profile by clicking HERE
  3. Make an introduction HERE
  4. Jump into your local space in Location Groups to connect with new friends nearby or hop into Discussions and ask questions, pose ideas, and/or help others in the Community!
  5. Sign up for any Virtual Events or Workshops

**PS. We'd highly recommend using Chrome Browser for the best experience!**

Let us know if you have any questions and most of all, have fun!

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