Manon Verijdt

Multi-passionate entrepreneur
Multi-passionate entrepreneur from the Netherlands with multiple companies. I work on the reallocation of agricultural property and hope to integrate tiny houses in this property development, to create living spaces for Dutch people.

Creative and practical ideas needed!

Hey Everyone!Β 

I have been a little less active lately, but right now I could use your help! I am currently in the run for a TV program about building Tiny Houses. Two teams will build a Tiny House on wheels for 1 couple, who then gets to choose their favorite Tiny House.Β 

I am looking for the best practical tips & creative ideas that could bring my design and building skills to the next level!Β 

I'd love to hear your suggestions.Β 

Best regards, ManonΒ 

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Hi everyone, I'm Manon

Hi everyone, I'd like to introduce myself. All the way from the Netherlands, 22 years old and a multi-passionate entrepreneur. That means that I run multiple businesses and that I'm very passionate about a multitude of things. Most of those passions refer to the outdoors, such as hiking, mountainbiking, photographing and travelling.Β 

Recently I truly dove into the world of tiny houses, after drooling for so many years on the pictures on my timeline. Nowadays I host the Dutch podcast ; Tiny House Lifestyle Podcast. In combination with my first business (reallocation of agricultural property), I hope to gain more knowledge here about the way tiny houses are build, so that I can hopefully spread that knowledge around the country by designing and developing tiny houses myself in the future.
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