Bernice Ayala

Just an Random Artist!
Hiya Every tiny home friends! I'm just a beginner in this tiny home experience since I wanted to do research first before I think I'm moving into one and I'm definitely am! I like drawing, blogging, and YouTube for my gaming/random stuff channel.

A Dream - Just Designing -

My first Draft(s)

I'm still thinking of a dream with this tiny home which is gonna changed a lot with me has its owner since πŸ€” Everything changed like my friends and me. For now this is my tiny living home which I haven't pick a size yet and a lot of stuff changes πŸ™ƒ each time I draw. I'm still drawing more soo yah this is what I got for now.... More is COMING!!!
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This is Bernice again! Or just B since I'm getting comfortable here.

This is going to be my first time joining anything really, I just bought a ticket to the goble online conference for tiny homes and was wondering what am I expecting since I'm so new to this...
Please comment below of your first or many experiences πŸ™ of this well conference.
Coming soon, I'm designing my own tiny home 🏑 with my sketchbook... and maybe digitally as well because I want to show you soon my dream home for life I love tiny homes. 
Also, tiny home sizes... well I'm learning about those hopefully soon.

Coffee with me again!
B 😊
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To Those who owned The Skoo.

Hi, its Bernice again!
I'm very much new to the tiny home community on here, but not new on knowing what the talk about the tiny home living life. I started watching YouTube videos for fun like always but i stumbled upon a tiny home viedo becauseΒ  of my game (sims 4). I wanna know what is like living well smaller and i found out its a blast becaus i don't like to much stuff because its stressful even though I do because I like being crowded in my room. My life right now is crazy and I always wanted to moved away from my mum to not give her more stress like brothers (not mentioning names... J and Dan).Β 

So here I am.... but the reason why I'm posting the first well post is because im trying to wide my knowledge in different type of tiny homes. So here is my thought in my brain right now, I wanna live on wheels with an engine built... either Skoo or the other option which I can't remember its name even though it is easy!Β 

Here what I want to know before I step out my comfy zone in thinking of getting oneΒ 

How many people fit in a skoo? Like there is is going maybe 3-4 people who loves staying outside to explore or being in their own little corner. So please commentΒ 

So yah later
Bernice with Coffee
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This new bean!

Hiya! My name is Bernice, I'm from San Diego, CA and I'm very new to the life of tiny living... So I do know what I'm getting myself into since I'm been doing  al lot research that I did have been doing last year. I really like tiny home on wheels idea becaused I know I will be traveling someday before I picked a spot to parked it at and built myself a tiny garden space that I wanna give it a gooo at. Right now im just a college artist student who is trying to save up money to maybe buy or built! My own home which I think buying because tiny home on wheels has always catch my eyes and I want one of those one where you can drive it without buying a truck 🚚 because I will get worried about the inside of my home sometimes heh you never know really since I like going back to my originary idea to a different one a lot because of who I am or the Libra in me.
So this is my big brain 🧠 have been thinking where do I begin?

This is where I leave this up to you guys in the comments!!!
So if I can get help and all that would be great! and I really adore tiny communities. Thank you guys for building this site.Β 

See yha later... for now!Β 
Bernice again with coffee β˜•.Β 

I'm building a list of cons and pros in Tiny living for me before I jumped in which happens a lot πŸ˜‚. If u want to give some pointers PLEASE DO! I'm happy learn anything really, I'm very open minded person who adores all advice in tiny living.
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