Lady Annick Lentacker

Head Mistress
Head of a school for highly gifted and highly sensitive teens. Next August we will move to a new location with 4 tiny houses providing overnight stay for students who live too far to commute daily.

The beginning

After a year of surfing the internet collecting lots and lots of info, I have yesterday met with Kevin from  Kevin is a builder with 20+ years of experience who last year started a Tiny House building business on the side.  Within a year the business is booming in Belgium in a way that this is now his main business.

We went through my plan last night and I am happy and relieved that all my "wishes and wants" can be incorporated in the build!
I am going for a not so tiny, Tiny House, 12 m x 3 m and 4 m high.
As I am sharing the house with 2 dogs and 4 cats I have opted NOT to have an open plan kitchen.  (Hope you can work out the Flemish 😀)

Next step - the quotation.
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Hello from Belgium

My name is Annick and I live in Evergem, Belgium, Europe. I work for Mannaz vzw, a non for profit charity providing schooling for highly gifted and sensitive teens who dropped out of highschool.  This August we will be moving into bigger premises providing 4 tiny houses ad overnight stay for students who live too far away to commute daily.  My dream is to own my own gooseneck tiny house. 
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