Loretta Cak

Tiny Home Owner/Dweller (40’ Gooseneck)
Hello all! My day job is as an administrator and educator (principal, PreK/k teacher, music teacher). In my spare time, I am a trainer (baby sign language, first aid/cpr, early childhood education, children’s ministry, etc). Loving tiny life!

Tiny Christmas πŸŽ„

I have a giant 7’ tree with tons of ornaments that I’ve collected and made over the years. It’s all in storage (because I’m not ready to say goodbye to it quite yet...though I think I could let the tree go - the ornaments I’ll keep). None of it is appropriate for a tiny house. Here’s how Livi and I have created new tiny Christmas traditions! We have an advent calendar with small pockets. We collected jewelry charms and hide one in each pocket. We purchase a small rosemary/pine tree every year and keep it in the kitchen. Each day, we add a new charm (ornament). We also have a live regular sized tree that lives outside. On it, we put solar lights and some metal (weatherproof) decorations...and lots of cranberries, popcorn and dried orange slices. This way, we feed the local nature (birds, squirrels and whatever else wants in on the treats), and we can enjoy a little extra Christmas spirit.Β 
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Closets/Clothes Storage

I saw a tiny house tour on Youtube once (The Monacle tiny house) with a pull out closet and knew that had to happen.Β  We have 12 linear feet of closet space and it's simply amazing. We love it.Β  The mirrors give us space to see our selves full length, whenever the need presents itself (of course, that also means we have to put away the jackets and bags and things that we inevitably hang on the handles/hooks)...
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Tiny House Stairs

Confession time!Β  My stairs are the second favorite feature in my tiny house (my backsplash is my absolute favorite).Β  Double confession time...I'm at work...and I'm supposed to be accomplishing work things...but Jason Francis just inadvertently sent me about a million (slight exaggeration) e-mails and now I've gone down the rabbit hole of #inspiration.Β  So...here's my inspiration for you.Β  These stairs lead to my daughter's loft.Β  She begged me for a climbing wall..and I said NO!Β  So...she pushes the stairs in until they are out only an inch or two and uses it as a climbing wall.Β  Win-win!Β  Ok...back to work.Β  I'll play more later.
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Tiny Haven (Harpers Ferry, WV)

Unique tiny retreats for you to live with roots and wings.Β  http://www.tinyhavenliving.com
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River & Twine (Rocky Mount, NC)

Tiny house community in north eastern NC, with daily and extended stay options.http://www.riverandtwine.com
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I do not currently live in Ohio, but my family is in the Dayton area and my goal is to find land and move home in the next few years. πŸ₯°

Long Term Rental in PA

Here is The Harbor! She is a long term rental currently residing at Tiny Estates in Elizabethtown, PA. She is currently rented through August 2021 (with renter option to extend). Monthly rent is $1100.00 with everything included - yes, everything (even propane for those cold PA winters).Β 

1 queen size loft, 1 twin loft, couch that also folds out, kitchen, bathroom with flushing toilet and standing shower. Furnished. Great for 1-2 people. More pictures available upon request.Β 
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Meet our Lily Pad

Here’s our (giant) tiny house! Her name is Lily Pad...because my daughter and I couldn’t agree on a name...and I caved because, at least β€œpad” can be used as the name of a dwelling in some parts of the world. πŸ€£πŸ˜‚ She is a 40’ gooseneck. This picture is from delivery day - Friday, April 13, 2018. We have loved every minute in our tiny house...well, except when my daughter hits her head in her loft. I keep expecting her spacial awareness to improve...but she is just too quick and only thinks about her space after she hits her head. πŸ˜‡ I’m happy to answer any questions...Β 
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Hi all! πŸ‘‹πŸ»

So cool to have another space to connect with other tiny house peeps!! I have 2 tinies... I designed a 40’ gooseneck and hired Tiny House Building Company (Fredericksburg, VA) to bring my dream to life. My daughter and I moved in April 2018 and haven’t looked back. Purchased a 2nd tiny in the Fall of 2019 and it currently resides up at Tiny Estates in Pennsylvania and is rented long term. I love connecting with people who are in the design process and answering their questions (must be the teacher in me). I’d love to eventually purchase property to create a small community in Ohio (Dayton area) where my family lives. Looking forward to watching this community grow. πŸ₯°
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