Karen Weinman

Want to live closer to Nature with a TH
Ex-Interior Architect, Transformation facilitator/ Andean Shaman trained in Andes Mountains, Peru. Earth is my family & tiny house brings me closer. Wanting to build somewhere near rich nature -still deciding which continent.

Sound proofing

Brian Crabb I saw you had built tiny houses for musicians etc, and I wondered what you (or any experienced others) could share about soundproofing a tiny house?

Both -so I can play music (as I facilitate online movement workshops), and so I’m not disturbed by noisy neighbourhoods of dogs barking, car racing and general disrespectful neighbours. 😁
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Hi from South Africa

Hi Everyone,
this is a very spontaneous β€˜joining this conference’.
As an ex-interior architect & serious nature lover (which is part of my work), I have been following the Tiny House movement for many years, just for inspiration and creativity.
But in the last months with the problems in South Africa, I’ve realised I’m going to have to move, whether it’s further south to where people are more environmentally aware, and maybe later to elsewhere in the world or to retire. I’ve realised investing in a tiny house could be a solution.
- a wise solution to always having a home whichever continent I live
- to being flexible
-& of course, kind to the planet.

But before I build I need to learn more about
-shipping possibilities -anyone ever put a tiny house on a ship?
-building regulations, size limitations and materials for travel and insulation to cover any climate
-learning about builders, warranty’s on building methods, contracts
-design and building- including being as fully sustainable as possible. Solar/water storage etc etc

So looking forward to learning more here and tapping into the wisdom of community!
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