Rhonda Rosenheck

Poet, Educator (ret.), Community Activist
I've been following the Tiny and Yurt worlds for years, with vague yearning. Now I am fitting out a THOW as my writing studio! Happy sigh.

Solar for a 36 x 8.5 Thow?

Hi, all. I've gotten a quote from a local, B company solar co, but I wonder if it extreme overkill: 10 or 12 panels on a roof that is slanted south. I live in the northeast, so plenty of not sunny days, buΒ  I could be connected to the grid; the THOW will be stationary and in a neighborhood with all services. After tax and discounts, it would still cost me over $8000 initially!

I keep seeing Vans with one panel systems, etc., and I have to wonder if I need as much as she's proposing.Β 

Who has expertise they can share with me and for perspective, or a place to go for a full second opinion?

Thanks in advance!Β 

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First tiny house approval for Cohoes, NY.

ο»ΏHi, all. The Cohoes city planning board gave the nod to its first tiny house -- mine! The planner helped me craft the proposal: a "vertical mixed use" project that wouldn't require a zone variance, but rather a special use permit, which is easier. The land is an awkward infill lot that's been off the tax rolls. Non buildable because the open part is "landlocked" behind other houses, with a too narrow lot reaching the street. My proposal puts the THOW in the back with a deck, a small shed and a low privacy fence separating it from the front which I'm turning into a public reading library, with a small free library, benches and plantings. With their approval. The Land Bank holding the property for sale will go through its process of selling me the land -- for $600!!!! -- and we're off to the races. Okay. It's a slog of a process, at least 3 more months, but we flew, in two meetings, over the only real hurdle!Β 
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THOW communities in the US Northeast?

Hi, all. I'm wondering if there are established THOW communities in the US Northeast, or in lower provincial Quebec, that I could visit as we consider proposing one in NYs capital region. How do I find out? Tx.Β 
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On the verge of municipal permission!

Hi, all. Planning board of Cohoes, NY is a few descriptive questions away from allowing me to set my THOW on a vacant lot!!! Granted, as a writing studio, not residence, but it will be the first of it's kind in the area!!!Β 
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