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Technical support, and moderation for Tinyhouse.com Community.

Community Guidelines

We are providing this space to bring value to the Tiny House community. We respectfully request that members of this community abide by these guidelines. 

  • Be respectful to the other members!
  • No profanity, disparaging, or inappropriate images.
  • No online bullying.
  • No trash talking other people or companies in the tiny house industry. If you have something to say, ensure credible, and please ask admin if you can post it. We do want to protect others in this industry from harm, so we do want info shared, but it must be credible.
  • No advertising. If you have services or a company you want to promote, please contact Admin.
  • Have fun! We want this space to be all about the community, so enjoy!

If you do not abide by these guidelines, you will be removed from the community.
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