Miles Travis

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Β  Β - Where are you at in your Tiny House journey?
Currently at the research stage in a potential DIY build with my fiancΓ©
Β  Β  Β - What was your favorite part about the TinyHouse conference?
I have really enjoyed hearing from so many different people talk on so many different topics it has really made me think about all of the stages of the process
Β  Β  Β - What excites you about the WeeCasa five night stay?
As I am still looking into different designs and getting the opportunity to try before we buy/build. Especially the potential to try out different houses with different designs.

Howdy from Texas!

Hello all! My name is Miles Travis and I am a recent graduate from Texas A&M. I recently got engaged to the girl of my dreams and we are looking into starting out lives together living tiny.Β 

We are trying to figure out what makes the most sense for us whether it is DIY (which is what we are thinking) or to go with a builder. Any who we are excited to learn more about this awesome movement!
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